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arm chair, dalton occasional - 24.5W X 25.5D X 36.5H
In Stock- 3784371
armoire entertainment baron - 21W X 53D X 88H
In Stock- 3806438
bench , hand painted rectangular - 54W X 18D X 17H
In Stock- 3771092
bench charles x inlaid ben briar of myrtle - 34W X 19D X 30H
In Stock- 3805979
bench meryl - 61W X 21D X 27H
In Stock- 3780952
bench regency brown leather - 32.5W X 20D X 19H
In Stock- 3803490
bench stool alexandre - 24W X 22D X 20H
In Stock- 3772519
bench tassel - 28W X 14D X 16H
In Stock- 3774260
bench with arms - 46W X 18D X 28H
In Stock- 3808056
bench, better together - 26W X 18D X 21H
In Stock- 3781296
bench, corbett - 50W X 17D X 18.5H
In Stock- 3788778
bench, hand carved - 33W X 17D X 24H
In Stock- 3790824
bench, hughes - 26W X 16.25D X 20.5H
In Stock- 3788779
bench, marcel - 36W X 20D X 19.5H
In Stock- 3790354
biblioteque french bookcase - 87W X 16D X 94H
In Stock- 3788324
bookcase - 60W X 13D X 36H
In Stock- 3776145
bookcase - 60W X 13D X 36H
In Stock- 3776146
bookcase - 60W X 13D X 36H
In Stock- 3776156
bookcase , arched pine - 39W X 18.5D X 85.75H
In Stock- 3773858
bookcase cabinet breakfront display - 75W86H
In Stock- 3807025
bookcase french shelves - 53W X 19D X 62H
In Stock- 3808746
bookcase with 3 drawers and shelves - 60W X 13.5D X 36H
In Stock- 3806105
bookcase with two glass doors - 52W X 16.5D X 84H
In Stock- 3810846
bookcase, china display hepplewhite - 39W X 19D X 86H
In Stock- 3774461
box on stand burl small - 18.5W X 10.5D X 22.5H
In Stock- 3789549
box on stand, canterbury - 22W X 14D X 22H
In Stock- 3789551
box on stand, mappa burl - 20W X 16.5D X 26H
In Stock- 3789550
breakfront bookcase china cabinet - 78W X 19D X 86H
In Stock- 3807047
breakfront cabinet cb746 - 72W X 17D X 31H
In Stock- 3772879
breakfront cabinet cb969b - 72W X 17D X 33H
In Stock- 3774454
cabinet , contemporary - 64W X 24D X 32H
In Stock- 3804358
cabinet 2 doors with drawer - 28W X 17D X 34H
In Stock- 3808678
cabinet contemporary demi lune - 19W X 48D X 37H
In Stock- 3807687
cabinet corner - 39W X 26D X 89H
In Stock- 3809706
cabinet display/ bookcase / china - 45W X 16D X 94H
In Stock- 3806471
cabinet entertainment / tv 2 doors/oval inlays - 20W X 60D X 40H
In Stock- 3807463
cabinet glass display vitrine - 37W X 17D X 86H
In Stock- 3810409
cabinet greek key - 54W X 20D X 36H
In Stock- 3801920
cabinet modern door tc2016-72 new # tc3217-72 - 72W X 22D X 32H
In Stock- 3807956
cabinet single door with drawer - 30W X 17D X 36H
In Stock- 3800851
cabinet, antonia - 42W X 20D X 34H
In Stock- 3786217
cabinet, breakfront door - 72W X 17D X 33H
In Stock- 3776140
cabinet, english entertainment - 75.5W X 24D X 94.5H
In Stock- 3782437
cabinet, modern entertainment - 72W X 16D X 34H
In Stock- 3803936
cabinet, modern with doors (mod3201e) - 72W X 24D X 32H
In Stock- 3806051
cart serving - 42W X 21D X 37H
In Stock- 3805542
cart serving with shelf - 42W X 21D X 37H
In Stock- 3806655
cart, bar clearview
In Stock- 3791564
center side round piers - 36W X 36D X 30H
In Stock- 3772350
chair arm retired modern dining - 21W X 24.5D X 35H
In Stock- 3809737
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