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arm chair dining regency - caned back retired as is - 23W X 28D X 43H
In Stock- 3806370
arm chair, dining slip - 22W X 25.5D X 33.75H
In Stock- 3785637
arm chair, windom dining - 23.5W X 25D X 35H
In Stock- 3785652
bed queen painted venetian- retired reserved - 64.25W X 88D X 65.25H
In Stock- 3777375
bench stool alexandre - 24W X 22D X 20H
In Stock- 3772519
bench tassel - 28W X 14D X 16H
In Stock- 3774260
bench, better together - 26W X 18D X 21H
In Stock- 3781296
bench, jessica - 62W X 20.5D X 25.75H
In Stock- 3791294
bowl/vase , iron eye - 17W X 17D X 12.5H
In Stock- 3782530
chair arm dining shield back - 20.5W X 21.5D X 38H
In Stock- 3803835
chair beau lounge club - 41.25W X 37.25D X 29.25H
In Stock- 3781322
chair churchill club lounge - 34W X 38D X 35H
In Stock- 3775381
chair dining /arm upholstered retired - 23W X 27.5D X 39H
In Stock- 3806746
chair library - reserved - 25W X 28D X 35.5H
In Stock- 3809761
chair nob hill lounge - 30.25W X 33D X 31H
In Stock- 3777935
chair uph - 28.5W X 34D X 32H
In Stock- 3770270
chair, club swivel simmons - 33W X 39D X 36H
In Stock- 3784357
chair, dining ritz - 21.5W X 23D X 36H
In Stock- 3785076
chair, english cottage - 29W X 30D X 35H
In Stock- 3791295
chair, gunderson lounge leather - 41.5W X 34.5D X 26.75H
In Stock- 3785969
chair, lounge anchor - 33W X 40D X 34.5H
In Stock- 3787458
chair, lounge courbette - 26.25W X 33D X 37.5H
In Stock- 3791796
chair, lounge no skirt - 38W X 44D X 36H
In Stock- 3793810
chair, modern bill sofield layton - 31W X 33D X 31.5H
In Stock- 3803399
chair, simmons no skirt x - 33W X 39D X 36H
In Stock- 3793802
chaise, elements one arm, ra sectional unit - 33W X 66D X 37H
In Stock- 3783855
chandelier inverted drum shade - 24D X 37H
In Stock- 3801277
chandelier vinea iridescent/3-40watt - 15W X 15D X 47H
In Stock- 3804942
chest trocadero night stand - 36W X 22D X 29H
In Stock- 3801754
chest tuscan - 44W X 19.5D X 34H
In Stock- 3802952
chest, st. honore credenza - 62.75W X 18.5D X 34.5H
In Stock- 3791317
cocktail coffee link - 52W X 30D X 16.25H
In Stock- 3805889
cocktail square wood top - retired - 44W X 44D X 19.5H
In Stock- 3810411
cocktail stack table brass - 18W X 18D X 15.5H
In Stock- 3810179
cocktail table scroll - 36W X 16D X 14.25H
In Stock- 3801796
cocktail tray coffee - 40W X 28D X 19H
In Stock- 3774256
console, hampden credenza - 56W X 20D X 32H
In Stock- 3785655
etagere - retired - 20W X 16D X 60.5H
In Stock- 3803277
etagere shelves - 19W X 19D X 70.25H
In Stock- 3770334
glass top only 52in round - 52W X 52D
In Stock- 3786651
lamp bamboo glass column - 13.5W27H
In Stock- 3805070
lamp concentric squares - 18W X 11D X 23H
In Stock- 3801311
lamp couture brass/leather floor - 18W27.5H
In Stock- 3802948
lamp draper - 30.25W X 7D X 9.5H
In Stock- 3806555
lamp flambeau - 11W25H
In Stock- 3772524
lamp floor, ivory leather - 17W57.5H
In Stock- 3803197
lamp mini square - 18H
In Stock- 3805430
lamp murano beaded small glass - 24W
In Stock- 3805544
lamp palanquin alabaster cube - 12W17H
In Stock- 3802784
lamp square sculptural blane - 9.5W X 16.5D X 24.5H
In Stock- 3802153
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